Our People.

We believe in service – to our partners, our people, our product, and our planet. We believe in asking “What If” and “Why Not”. With every step, we challenge ourselves to take positive action, create sustainable solutions, and work for a better tomorrow. We believe it is our duty to support our communities and those who live, work, and serve in them.

Lee Lemon

VP of Sales

Ambitious Mindset. Humbled Confidence. Enthusiastic Leader.

A take charge leader with more than 35 years of experience, Lee Lemon leverages his entrepreneurial drive and sales acumen to turn action into success. Lemon’s leadership experience includes founding and operating his own business, as well as leading an array of brand and sales organizations. He is a leader that listens first and acts second. His strategic growth mind-set and motivational approach demands results. In addition to all of his business activities Lemon and his wife started a music publishing company based out of Nashville, TN creating a home for the many successful independent music writers in both the country and Christian genre. Besides fatherhood and being a good husband, he is most proud of his service to this great country by serving in the US Army, in Military Intelligence.