Our People.

We believe in service – to our partners, our people, our product, and our planet. We believe in asking “What If” and “Why Not”. With every step, we challenge ourselves to take positive action, create sustainable solutions, and work for a better tomorrow. We believe it is our duty to support our communities and those who live, work, and serve in them.

Monte Nelson

VP of Western

Confident Leader. Captivating Speaker. Relationship Builder.

Monte Nelson brings expertise and an unrelenting pursuit of quality to his role every day. As a natural leader, Nelson rallies those around him by sharing his drive and passion for partnering with retailers and building sales growth that leads to long lasting relationships. With more than 16 years in the western industry in senior sales executive roles, he has consistently displayed high-quality performance and the ability to navigate potential challenges in the marketplace. Outside of the office, Nelson enjoys rooting for his alma mater, the Texas Tech Red Raiders, and spending time with his wife of 25 years and their two sons, as well as their beloved dog named Willie Nelson.