At Twisted X Global Brands®, we continuously strive to push the boundaries of innovation; as agile product development and distribution strategies are the pillars of our approach.

Real life. Real people.


We pride ourselves on the creation of high-quality products that our customers continue to crave. With the unparalleled desire towards design and product development, our speed to market strategy allows us to rapidly create innovative footwear. Our 50/50 mentality gives us an opportunity to humbly design product with the assumption that 50% will fail – this gives our team the permission to try and experiment freely. 

Designed by experts, worn by people.


Actions speak louder than words. We are on a never-ending journey to challenge the status-quo. We focus on ways we can better our planet, because the earth is worth protecting. We strive everyday to better our day to day, our products and our production. Showcasing through product innovation, using eco-forward materials and practices, and the ongoing efforts of reforestation. With a goal of reducing the greater carbon footprint, our passion for saving the planet begins as soon as you open our box.

One planet. Creating better.


Our approach to footwear starts at our core. Our method is to never skimp on comfort. In fact — comfort is mandatory. Our unique approach to footwear technology enhances the experience of any wearer. Our comfort offering will make every step feel like you are walking on a cloud of comfort. 

Expertly designed. Comfortably worn.


At Twisted X Global Brands we are a relationship based business, valuing groups that think like us. Whether it be in the community as part of our philanthropic efforts, strategic brand collaborations, or partnering with retailers. We believe that working with like-minded companies – and being a part of something, like the greater good, will propel our passions forward. 

Changing lives. Helping people.