Our People.

We believe in service – to our partners, our people, our product, and our planet. We believe in asking “What If” and “Why Not”. With every step, we challenge ourselves to take positive action, create sustainable solutions, and work for a better tomorrow. We believe it is our duty to support our communities and those who live, work, and serve in them.

Prasad Reddy

Chief Executive Officer
Constantly leading a revolution, powerhouse Prasad Reddy brings his mastery of engineering into the way the business side of life works. More about Prasad Reddy

Jeff Jones

Chief Financial Officer
Resilient in helping organizations flourish, Jeff Jones pursues the diversity and challenges of all role types. More about Jeff Jones

Tricia Mahoney

Chief Marketing Officer
Tricia Mahoney encompasses a strong spirit that generates a cohesive, strong, and memorable brand, her greatest strengths lie in the bones of brand development. More about Tricia Mahoney

Thomas Chow

Chief Technology Officer
Arriving at the company in 2015, Thomas Chow landed at Twisted X with one theory in mind, to become a beacon of technological evolution. More about Thomas Chow

Scott Sessa

SVP Business Development
With more than 37 years of footwear experience, Scott brings his fast-paced thinking and reinvention mindset to the office every day. More about Scott Sessa