Our People.

We believe in service – to our partners, our people, our product, and our planet. We believe in asking “What If” and “Why Not”. With every step, we challenge ourselves to take positive action, create sustainable solutions, and work for a better tomorrow. We believe it is our duty to support our communities and those who live, work, and serve in them.

Jeff Jones

Chief Financial Officer

Calmingly Insightful. Empathic. Persistently Determined.

Resilient in helping organizations flourish, Jeff Jones pursues the diversity and challenges of all role types. As his variety of leadership skills span across CFO, COO, GM, IT, HR, Sales, Trainer and Consultant roles, Jones demonstrates that in order to understand the goals and needs of a company, you must first understand every department, as well as, place the right people in the best position while providing them with the tools to succeed. The ability to take a holistic view of an organization, and, be successful in getting the people and numbers to work in sync.
Additionally, Jones is a speaker and writer on topics that include leadership development and management, team building, conflict resolution, peacemaking, and time management.

“It’s better to make a difference than to make a point.”- Andy Stanley