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DECATUR, Texas, March 2, 2023 — Twisted X Global Brands is proud to announce that CEO Prasad Reddy has been presented with the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award from Footwear Plus magazine for his contributions to the industry over the last 52 years.  

“Congratulations to Prasad Reddy, winner of our Plus Award for Lifetime Achievement,” said Greg Dutter, editorial director of Footwear Plus magazine. “Prasad’s 50-plus years of industry innovation, success, and philanthropy make him most-deserving of this recognition. His life story is the epitome of the American dream come true. What’s more, his steadfast commitment to always ‘do the right things’ and ‘share the blessings’ is a one-two punch to building great products by brands with tremendous purpose. Renowned throughout the industry as the most humble and kind executive, Prasad is a driven leader with a heart of gold.”

Prasad Reddy grew up in Chennai, India. After earning an engineering degree in India, he attended Ohio University for his master’s degree. Prasad’s impressive career includes positions with Wolverine Worldwide, Freeman Shoes, K-Swiss and Twisted X Global Brands, where he has spent the last 14 years growing and innovating the brand. 

Under his leadership, Twisted X Global Brands has seen 13 continuous years of double-digit growth and profits. The brand has become a leader in the western and work categories, introduced revolutionary comfort technologies like CellStretch® and Tech X™ by Twisted X, and continued to diversify into rapidly expanding casual segments with an emphasis on sustainable materials and manufacturing processes like Zero-X™. Along the way, Twisted X has also earned a reputation for its dedication to giving back to a range of philanthropic causes.  

“I’ve always believed we have a responsibility as humans to help the environment and community we live in and I’m so proud to be able to do that each and every day with the Twisted X team,” said Prasad Reddy, CEO of Twisted X. “I am grateful to be a part of this industry and honored by Footwear Plus’s recognition.”  

Prasad’s willingness to blaze a new trail and steadfast belief in doing the right thing have proved to be a recipe for success in footwear. Even with all his footwear experience, Prasad remains a student of the industry, constantly seeking ways to learn, adapt and innovate beyond what seems possible.  

As part of the award recognition, industry executives and longtime collaborators shared their own props for Prasad and highlighted the unique qualities that have translated into his five decades of success: 

  • “When I think of Prasad, I think first of great wine,” said Jim Conroy, CEO of Boot Barn. “More broadly, sharing a bottle of wine with Prasad is just a physical demonstration of his collegial and partnering style of business. He’s always searching for win-win opportunities and will go to great lengths to make that happen. I’m honored to count Prasad as one of my closest business partners.”  
  • “Prasad has been an industry colleague of mine for over 20 years,” said Greg A. Tunney, president and CEO of Manitobah. “We’ve often reached out to one another to discuss the latest sourcing and product trends. He’s incredibly knowledgeable in regard to sourcing, operations, and logistics. He’s also one of the most humble industry leaders I’ve met. The humblest of the humble with the kindest smile in the industry. Prasad has truly realized the American Dream!” 
  • “Prasad is respectful to all, beyond giving, steady, patient, loyal and appreciative,” said Trisha Sweeney, executive vice president of sales at Syndic8. “He cares about people, and he’s surrounded by a positive light. Prasad always operates with an open mind and is curious about new ideas and ways to do things differently. He’s never quick to say no; rather he graciously listens and forms his opinion after thorough consideration.” 
  • “Prasad is arguably the most genuine and charismatic person I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with,” said Lynn Rolf, director of programs at VFW. “His love for life and the positivity with which he approaches every opportunity is inspiring.”  

Prasad, along with the other Plus Award winners, will be showcased in the March issue of Footwear Plus in its annual Profiles of Excellence feature. To read the feature visit: 



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