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Twisted X® Recognized For Sustainability Efforts In 2021 Plus Awards

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DECATUR, TX, December 13, 2021 – Twisted X®, a Twisted X Global Brands company and leader in sustainable footwear, has been nominated for its sustainability efforts for a 2021 Plus Award. Created by Footwear Plus Magazine, The Plus Awards recognize design and retail excellence throughout the footwear market and are determined by the votes of industry members and consumers.

Nominated in the sustainability category, Twisted X has dedicated its business to taking a holistic approach by weaving eco-considerations into every aspect of the company. Sustainability is a core element of the company’s mission and dedication to preserving the planet. Through evolution of production and optimization of processes, Twisted X continues to create sustainable footwear that reduces its environmental harm and carbon footprint.

“We are honored to be nominated alongside some of the most sustainable footwear brands in the industry,” said Twisted X CEO, Prasad Reddy. “We believe sustainability needs to be integrated into all aspects of a business, not parts. Our team is committed to using sustainable materials and innovative technologies that protect our environment.”

Twisted X’s efforts this year included the launch of Zero-X™, the brand’s first no-glue shoe collection. Utilizing Twisted X’s proprietary interlocking, double stitching system, the collection is made without chemical adhesives, eliminating harmful toxins and high-energy production processes. Twisted X also created Blend85™, unique footbeds that utilize 85 percent upcycled EVA foam from factory waste to reduce pollution and reduce the need for virgin materials. By recycling this waste into new footbeds, traditional EVA foam is substituted with material that otherwise would’ve been added to landfills. LeatherTWX™ was also introduced as an alternative fabric composed of 80 percent recycled scrap leather. This new material has the look and feel of traditional leather but with a reduced environmental footprint.

In addition to its newest sustainable products and materials, Twisted X reached net-zero emissions and furthered its commitment to carbon neutrality. After assessing the company’s 2020 emissions from business operations at its headquarters, contract factories and third-party distribution warehousing, Twisted X surpassed its initial projection of achieving carbon neutrality by 2022 – a goal of the brand’s for over a decade.

“We have a responsibility as humans to help the environment and community we live in,” continued Reddy. “Our goal is to inspire others to join in because with millions alongside us we will make the future of the footwear industry greener and more one step at a time.”

To date, Twisted X has donated funds to plant and protect 420,000 trees in partnership with One Tree Planted. This will result in over 9,000 tons of CO² sequestered per year as the trees reach maturity. Additionally, over 6 million plastic bottles have been recycled since the launch of the ecoTWX® sustainable fabric.

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